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Islands Guide



There are so many amazing places to see in Yoron!

Whether you want to sunbathe on one of the 60 white-sand beaches or prefer to explore the island from the shrines

on top of the cliffs to the depths of the caves, Yoron will fulfill your wishes!


You cannot imagine sightseeing without trying local food? We're the same!

The island has so much different types of food to taste, so just pick a restaurant and dig into Yoron cuisine!

Beyond Yoron

... and beyond


Yoron is beautiful, heavenly and full of surprises.

But to be fair, many other places around are amazing too. On your way to meet us, why not have some fun on Okinawa main island? You may then discover Naha, the biggest city, and the area around Motobu, where the ferry bound for Yoron stops. The video below provides some ideas to plan your trip. We guarantee you won't regret it!

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